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Tailored accessories for the urban sophisticate.

Perfect for the active, effortlessly put-together mavericks on-the-go.

Made with leather scraps.

The leather scraps are trims that combine to create a unique blend of color shades, textures and grains - giving each product within the collection its own personality.

Timeless elegance.

Paired with 100% waxed cotton canvas, this collection evokes a timeless elegance to its pieces you can use on any travel occasion.

A collaborative creation.

Designed by SKINNY VINNY and produced by TRMTAB. Made with upcycled leathers at Prachi Leathers, in Kanpur, India. TRMTAB helped Prachi Leathers launch its first upcycling initiative.

Limited edition.

This collection is comprised of 100% waxed cotton canvas and paired with upcycled buffalo calf hide. Any of the leather or chevron stitched components are upcycled. As a result we were only able to do limited runs of this collection.

What is upcycled leather?

What is upcycled leather?

The upcycled leathers are either scraps generated from the factory's production cycles, deadstock, or “lower selection" raw hides which would be otherwise cast aside by brands and customers.

"Lower selection" are classified into b-grade, or c-grade leathers. These leathers are not lower quality but are cast aside as lower selection because they contain scars and other natural defects. Often, because of these flaws, these lower grade leathers become unusable for any tannery and are thrown out because they are rejected by the tannery’s regular customers.

Think of how unfortunate-looking vegetables are cast away before they are sent to the grocery store. Even though they are perfectly fine, they are often thrown out because of it’s visual flaws and defects. The TRMTAB initiative helps the tannery at Prachi Leathers utilize some of their lowest selections of raw hides.